What To Do For Candle Protection During Shipment?

Candles are a symbol to convey relaxation, so why have to ship candles of exceptional quality? Candles are smooth to ship because they are of uniform length and predictable weight. And in case your package gets too heavy, you could use flat-rate shipping to keep a little money in your pocket.

E-commerce traders can save time and money by using easy to ship candles. You will shop up to 91% off retail on shipping candles with any international courier. This article will show you how to ship candles without any damage during transit. Let’s dive properly in.

How to Package Candles for Shipping?

Even in case you are a seasoned eCommerce, it’s essential to take precautions while shipping candles. Here are some guidelines on packaging candles to reach in good condition.

1. Protect Your Candles

While maximum candles are available in containers made from glass and tin, you should still upload greater cushioning whilst packaging and shipping. Using bubble wrap and accurately sized boxes prevents your candles from moving throughout transit. The amount of movement at some stage in transit is expected to crack the wax or ruin the packaging. 

Once they are steady you could wrap them in tissue paper to improve their appearance before adding them to a box. The high-quality candle boxes with inserts deliver candles to ensure that they are as steady as feasible to avoid breakage and ensure they come in good condition. Don’t forget what sort of packaging you operate to ship candles, be sure to also include “Fragile” labels.

2. Prevent Candles from Extreme Temperatures

When shipping candles, don’t forget the climate situation. High temperatures can cause candles to soften so in case you are looking for how to deliver candles in the Summer, bear in mind shipping candles with frozen gel packs or ice packs. This will keep your candles cool and could save you from melting.

Packaging containers with styrofoam can insulate candles from melting. Ordering insulated boxes is another way to keep candles cool for the duration of transit. However, the delivered packaging can force up packaging charges. Moreover, who wants to burn melted candles? You can also choose express shipping if you are worried approximately the extreme temperatures over many days.

3. Choose the Right Box

USPS recommends leaving at least two inches of cushioning between the item and the container’s partitions. This is due to the fact that overly tight packaging can cause breakage.

Choose a box that fits tightly. The candles have to now not flow around when you shake the container. As referred to above, fill the box with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper to protect it. 

Single candles can also be shipped in inexpensive envelopes so long as the box fits inside. If you run a commercial enterprise you need to constantly make sure that you have a great supply of transport containers handy and sufficient shipping materials/cardboard boxes for your stock.

Steps of Candle Packaging For Shipping 

  • Make sure your candle is completely cooled and hardened before wrapping. If your candle comes with a lid or cowl, make sure it is steady.
  • Start by placing your candle at one quit of the bubble wrap. Roll the candle alongside the bubble wrap, making sure the entire candle is included, after which reduce the extra wrap. 
  • Secure the bubble wrap across the candle with the usage of a small piece of packing tape.
  • Choose a box barely larger than your candle to permit cushioning material. Place a layer of packing peanuts at the bottom of the box to offer a protective cushion.
  • Now, place your wrapped candle on top of the layer of packing peanuts inside the field. If you are shipping multiple candles, make sure they are no longer touching every difference in the field.
  • Once your candle is in the box, fill the rest of the container with packing peanuts. Be positive to fill the field, leaving no area for the candle to move during shipment. 
  • Close the box and seal it securely with packing tape.
  • Use labeling substances, certainly, write or print the address of the destination and any handling instructions on the box.

Tips for Shipping Candles

Here are some tips to help you recognize the way to ship candles. Let’s get to it.

  • Consider Custom Branding

Presentation is prime. Who desires to acquire candles in a boring, plain box? Not me. Adding a personal touch to your packaging is an easy way to create excitement for your customers. Using ornamental tissue or wrapping candles with ribbon are easy methods to add that personal touch. You can also purchase branded containers to surely enhance the unboxing experience. 

In custom packaging solutions add your brand name, logo, and other branding features for your monitoring alerts, touchdown pages, and packing slips. In that manner, you may provide a transport experience that delights buyers and invites repeat business.

  • Compare Prices

If you are worried about excessive temperatures melting candles in transit, don’t forget to use specific shipping. Luckily, you will have to get entry to the most important courier community. By connecting your courier account, we will be able to offer you pre-negotiated discounts.

  • Consider Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance protects shippers against misplaced, stolen, or broken packages. A predicted 5-15% of shipments experience those commonplace delivery troubles. Though major courier companies are usually dependable, there’s nonetheless a chance your package will get lost or damaged.

You can purchase shipping insurance out of your courier. Unlike couriers, use third-birthday party insurance to pay more claims than that of USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

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