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Tisha Campbell Introduction

Tisha Michelle Campbell was born in Oklahoma City on October 13, 1968. She grew up in Newark, New Jersey, in a busy family with five siblings.Her enthusiasm for music bloomed under the direction of her mom, who was a gospel vocalist as well as a vocal mentor.In the meantime, her father, who was also interested in music, started playing chess and eventually became a master.Tisha’s interest in music eventually led her to the Washington Academy of Music, where she honed her skills as a musician even further.

Tisha Campbell Net Worth 

The well-known American singer and actress Tisha Campbell is valued at $700,000. She received a lot of respect for her performance as Gina Waters-Payne opposite Martin Lawrence in the hit sitcom “Martin” in the 1990s.Tisha was a key player in the program for the whole run, even though she missed a big chunk of the fifth season because of accusations of sexual harassment against Lawrence and the show’s producers.When Tisha returned for the two-part series finale, there was an agreement that she would not appear with Lawrence in any scenes.The legal issue was eventually settled.

Who Is Tisha Campbell?

Actress, singer, and dancer Tisha Michelle Campbell was born in Oklahoma City on October 13, 1968.She was raised in a creative and musical environment in Newark, New Jersey, by her parents, Mona and Clifton Campbell.She was raised with a deep love for the arts by her parents, Mona, a factory worker, and Clifton, a talented chess player and gospel singer.At the age of six, Tisha made her television debut on “The Big Blue Marble,” which launched her career. 

She continued to develop her talents at the Washington Academy of Music in East Orange, New Jersey, and later at Newark Arts High School with the support of her parents, who were also talent scouts. Tisha eventually made the brave choice to drop out of high school and pursue her goals in Hollywood.

Tisha Campbell Biography

The well-known singer and entertainer Tisha Campbell-Martin was raised in Newark, New Jersey, where she attended Newark Expressions Secondary School. She was born in Oklahoma City.Her two most well-known performances were as Janet “Jay” Marie Johnson-Kyle on the ABC sitcom “My Wife and Kids” and as Gina Waters-Payne on the FOX comedy “Martin” (1992–1997). 

Tisha first appeared on television when she was eight years old, on “The Big Blue Marble” on PBS.When she costarred with Martin Lawrence in the popular FOX sitcom “Martin,” her career took off in 1992. But she filed a sexual harassment case against Lawrence during the last season of the show, describing occurrences that happened both on and off set.Beyond performing, Tisha has other skills. In 1992, she released “Tisha,” which was a

Their two sons are Ezekiel Czar Martin and Xen Martin, the latter of whom has autism. Additionally, Michael, Tisha’s stepfather, instructs underprivileged children in chess.


Birth NameTisha Michelle Campbell
Date of Birth13th October 1968
Place of BirthOklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America
Age51 years
Zodiac SignLibra
ParentsClifton Campbell and Mona Campbell
Full Blood SiblingsTiara Campbell, Jermaine Campbell, and one brother (name undisclosed)
Step-SiblingsEllen Lindsey, Duane
SpouseDuane Martin (m. 1996; divorce settlement ongoing)
KidsXen and Ezekiel Martin
Height1.64 metres (164 centimetres/5 feet 4 ½ inches)
Weight58 kilogrammes (128 lbs)
Eye ColourDark brown
Hair ColourDark brown
ProfessionActress, singer, and dancer

Tisha Campbell Education

The actress continued her education at the Washington Academy of Music in East Orange, New Jersey, after she graduated from Newark Arts High School. Her ascension into Hollywood began shortly after she graduated from Arts High School in Newark.

Tisha Campbell Age

Tisha Michelle Campbell, who is currently 51 years old, was born in Oklahoma City on October 13, 1968.As a Libra, she epitomizes balance and harmony.Tisha was raised in the vibrant cultural hub of Newark, New Jersey, where her early artistic development was fostered.

Tisha has persevered over her long career in entertainment, achieving great success as a singer and dancer in addition to noteworthy parts in television and movies.Despite a lot of personal and professional setbacks, she is still a prominent and prosperous personality in Hollywood.

Tisha Campbell Height

Tisha Campbell is 1.64 meters (5 feet 4 1/2 inches) tall, therefore she is not someone you would consider short.Because of her height and strong on-screen presence, she has been able to play a variety of roles with ease throughout her career. 

Tisha consistently delivers powerful and compelling performances despite her diminutive stature. These performances range from delving deeper into deeper emotions in dramatic settings to providing laughs in beloved TV sitcoms like “Martin” and “My Wife and Kids.” She stands out from other entertainers in the industry due to her undeniable talent, charisma, and height.

Tisha Campbell Personal life

Tisha Campbell is well-known for keeping her personal life very private. Even though she has a beautiful home in Los Angeles, little is known about her car collection or other assets. Tisha seems to put her career and work ahead of showing off her possessions.

Tisha Campbell Family

Mona Shockley, who is now known as Mona Washington, was a woman with a lot of skills, and she was Tisha Campbell’s mother. Tisha’s upbringing was greatly influenced by her work as a nurse, talent manager, gospel singer, and vocal coach. Clifton Campbell, Tisha’s father, had his own set of skills. He was a factory worker, sang with him, and even won the prestigious title of chess master. Beyond his own accomplishments, Clifton’s passion for chess extends to mentoring underprivileged children on both the east and west coasts, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for the game.

Tisha Campbell Career

At the tender age of six, Tisha embarked on her acting career with an appearance in her debut “The Big Blue Marble” episode in 1974.Following that, she had guest appearances on a number of television shows, such as “Captain Kangaroo,” “Kids Are People Too,” and “Unicorn Tales.” 

At the age of sixteen, Tisha made her acting debut in the 1986 film “Little Shop of Horrors”.After graduating from high school, Tisha moved to Hollywood to pursue her acting career.She was able to land a role in the musical comedy series “Rags to Riches” on NBC because to her persistence.Despite the brief one-season run of the show, Tisha remained unfazed.She recovered, going on to feature in and direct movies such as “Rooftops” and “School Daze.”

Tisha Campbell Relationship

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell began their journey together after they were married in 1996. Throughout their marriage, they had two children.However, financial issues played a major role in their marriage’s tough patch in 2018.They came to the difficult decision to file for divorce after enduring these difficulties for some time.


Birth and Background: Tisha Michelle Campbell was born on October 13, 1968, in Oklahoma City. She grew up in Newark, New Jersey, in a creative environment with five siblings.

Early Musical Influence: Tisha’s love for music was nurtured by her mother, a gospel singer and vocal coach, and her father, who was a talented chess player and gospel singer.

Career Beginnings: Tisha made her television debut at the age of six on “The Big Blue Marble” and continued to appear in various television shows and films, including “Little Shop of Horrors,” which marked her acting debut at sixteen.

Marriage and Family: In 1996, Tisha married Duane Martin, and they have two children together. Financial struggles led to their decision to file for divorce in 2018.

Professional Achievements: Tisha gained widespread recognition for her roles in TV sitcoms like “Martin” and “My Wife and Kids.” She also released an album titled “Tisha” in 1992.


Tisha Campbell, born in Oklahoma City and raised in Newark, New Jersey, began her career in entertainment at a young age. She made her mark in television and film, earning acclaim for her roles in popular sitcoms. Despite personal and professional challenges, including a high-profile lawsuit, Tisha remains a respected figure in Hollywood.


What is Tisha Campbell’s net worth?

Tisha Campbell is valued at $700,000.

What are Tisha Campbell’s most notable roles?

Tisha is best known for her roles as Gina Waters-Payne in “Martin” and Janet “Jay” Marie Johnson-Kyle in “My Wife and Kids.”

How old is Tisha Campbell?

Tisha Campbell is currently 51 years old, born on October 13, 1968.

What is Tisha Campbell’s height?

Tisha Campbell stands at 1.64 meters (5 feet 4 1/2 inches) tall.

Who was Tisha Campbell married to?

Tisha Campbell was married to Duane Martin from 1996 until their divorce in 2018.

How many children does Tisha Campbell have?

Tisha Campbell has two sons with Duane Martin: Ezekiel Czar Martin and Xen Martin.

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