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Matty Matheson Introduction

Cook Matty Matheson hails from Canada. He acquired reputation in 2016 after his television series “Viceland Dead set on Life” appeared. He is known for his extraordinary tattoos that cover his sleeves and adornments. Through this show, he submerged himself in different foods and human advancements by going on gastronomic endeavors both inside and beyond his home country. Matty’s life story has also piqued interest, in addition to his culinary exploits. 

Following his recuperation from medication and liquor dependence, he embraced a spotless way of life and has since exploited the numerous potential outcomes that have introduced themselves to him. Matty’s situation as chief gourmet specialist at Parts and Work, which he has held since the foundation of the eatery in 2010, is particularly eminent since it further sets his name among the culinary business.

Matty Matheson Wife

There is talk that Matty Matheson and his life partner, Trish Spencer, were youth buddies who fostered a heartfelt connection all through their secondary school years. The couple said their commitments in August 2014 at the lovely Port Dover Ocean side in Ontario, Canada, in spite of Matty’s quietness in regards to these tales. Their sentiment has persevered through everyday hardship, thriving for just about five years and then some, notwithstanding the reports and guess.

Who Is Matty Matheson?

In the wake of beginning his culinary excursion in New Brunswick, Canadian gourmet specialist and web peculiarity Matty laid down a good foundation for himself in Toronto’s flourishing eatery industry. He fiddled with music for some time, however his enthusiasm for scaling meat pulled him back into the kitchen eventually. Matty has accumulated enormous acknowledgment for his cooking abilities and has amassed a great following of 1.3 million on YouTube. His show just won an Emmy for Best Satire, and he utilized the event to offer thanks to the cordiality area for focusing on the difficulties as well as the allure of working in an eatery.

Matty Matheson Biography

Matthew James Matheson was born on February 7, 1986, in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He comes from a modest family.While his mom, Joan Matheson, fills in as a server to earn barely enough to get by, his dad, Stephen Matheson, is a designer. As a kid, Matty was joined by his sister, Sarah, and siblings, Adam and Stephen. 

Following his consummation of culinary administration and gourmet expert preparation at Humber School, Matty started working at the French café Le Sélect Bistro. Afterward, he migrated to La Range, where he fostered his imaginative flare and French abilities to cook considerably more. He began working with Oddfellows in 2010, which was the first move toward quite a while vocation as a culinary specialist. Alongside a few Toronto-based gourmet specialists, Matty


Full NameMatthew James Matheson
Date of BirthFebruary 7, 1986
Place of BirthSaint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Age38 years old
OccupationChef, Internet Personality
SpouseTrish Spencer
ChildrenMacarthur Matheson, Rizzo Louise Matheson
ParentsStephen Matheson (father), Joan Matheson (mother)
SiblingsSarah Matheson (sister), Adam Matheson (brother), Stephen Matheson (brother)
EducationHumber College (Chef Training and Culinary Management)
Net Worth$2 million
Notable Works“Viceland Dead Set on Life”
HeightNot specified
Career HighlightsExecutive Chef at Parts and Labour, Emmy Award for Best Comedy
Known ForCulinary expertise, distinctive tattoos
Early LifeGrew up in Nova Scotia and Fort Erie, Ontario; influenced by grandfather’s restaurant The Blue Goose in DeSable, PEI
StrugglesOvercame drug and alcohol addiction
Social Media Following1.3 million YouTube subscribers
Notable AchievementsCo-founder of thematic dinners with Group of Chefs in Toronto, Emmy Award winner
Entrepreneurial VenturesCo-owner of LoversLand bridal shop in Toronto

Matty Matheson Early life

The origination of Matty Matheson is Holy person John, New Brunswick, where he was destined to server Joan and engineer Stephen. The family lived in Nova Scotia while Matty was nearly nothing and afterward moved to Stronghold Erie, Ontario, when he was eleven. Until the family’s movement to Ontario, Matty was an individual from The Congregation of Jesus Christ of Contemporary Holy people while growing up. Matty’s culinary legacy traces all the way back to his granddad, a Sovereign Edward Island local who was likewise a restaurateur and a previous RCMP official. The family has been in PEI since the 1700s. Matty spent his summers at his granddad’s café, The Blue Goose in DeSable, which is likely where his initial interest came from.

Matty Matheson Age

Trish, who was born on February 7, 1986, in New Brunswick, Canada, has established herself as a versatile and ardent American fashion and lifestyle expert. She is 38 years of age yet gaining ground in the business, involving her insight to deal with a prosperous wedding store in Toronto, Canada. As Trish deftly and innovatively arranges the consistently influencing universe of style and relaxation, her pioneering drive and obligation to her specialty are obvious. Her New Brunswick roots give areas of strength for a highlight her excursion, permitting her to be solidly established in various encounters that shape her perspective and rouse her objectives.

Matty Matheson Personal life

Renowned for his lively disposition and culinary ability, Matty Matheson has an individual life that essentially improves his public person. Matty was brought into the world on February 7, 1986, in Holy person John, New Brunswick. His family imparted in him the significance of constancy and difficult work. 

His mom, Joan Matheson, upheld the family by functioning as a server, while his dad, Stephen Matheson, was a specialist. Matty grew up in a close-knit family with his siblings Sarah, Adam, and Stephen, which had a big impact on his development. Matty began his culinary journey in the summers at The Blue Goose, his grandfather’s restaurant in DeSable, Prince Edward Island. His adoration for food and preparing was touched off by these early experiences, which laid the basis for his future calling. Yet, Matty’s

Matty Matheson Family

A rich profundity is added to Matty Matheson’s story by the nearby association between his culinary experience and his day to day life. Matty was brought into the world in Holy person John, New Brunswick, on February 7, 1986, into a family that esteemed constancy and difficult work. While his dad, Stephen Matheson, filled in as a specialist, his mom, Joan Matheson, worked tirelessly as a server to accommodate the family. 

Matty developed a close bond with his siblings, Sarah, his sister, and his brothers Adam and Stephen, which helped shape his personality and work ethic. This bond of support and solidarity among them was essential. Matty’s more distant family acquainted him with cooking very early on. He partook in his summers at The Blue Goose, his granddad’s restaurant in DeSable, Sovereign Edward

Matty Matheson Career

A Canadian culinary maestro and force to be reckoned with, Matty Matheson has earned respect for his expertise and magnetic disposition. He has endured despite difficulty, incorporating fights with substance abuse, and has prevailed upon crowds with his adoration for food and devotion to imaginative cooking. With a $1 million total assets and a developing organization, Matty is as yet standing out as truly newsworthy in the culinary world by flaunting his abilities and offering back a ton to the area.

Matty Matheson Net Worth 

New Brunswick is home to gourmet chef Matty Matheson, a Canadian with $2 million in total assets. At Humber College, where he started his culinary career, he studied chef training and culinary management. After graduating, Matheson managed a position at Le Select Bistro, where he steadily rose to the position of junior top assistant chef over the course of more than three years. He advanced to La Range in Kensington Market in 2007. Later, Matheson connected with Oddfellows and they worked together on the Toronto, Canada premiere of Parts and Work.


Full Name: Matthew James Matheson

Date of Birth: February 7, 1986

Place of Birth: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Age: 38 years old

Nationality: Canadian

Occupation: Chef, Internet Personality

Spouse: Trish Spencer

Children: Macarthur Matheson, Rizzo Louise Matheson

Parents: Stephen Matheson (father), Joan Matheson (mother)

Siblings: Sarah Matheson (sister), Adam Matheson (brother), Stephen Matheson (brother)

Education: Humber College (Chef Training and Culinary Management)

Net Worth: $2 million

Notable Works: “Viceland Dead Set on Life”

Height: Not specified

Career Highlights: Executive Chef at Parts and Labour, Emmy Award for Best Comedy

Known For: Culinary expertise, distinctive tattoos

Early Life: Grew up in Nova Scotia and Fort Erie, Ontario; influenced by grandfather’s restaurant The Blue Goose in DeSable, PEI

Struggles: Overcame drug and alcohol addiction

Social Media Following: 1.3 million YouTube subscribers

Notable Achievements: Co-founder of thematic dinners with Group of Chefs in Toronto, Emmy Award winner

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Co-owner of LoversLand bridal shop in Toronto


Matty Matheson’s journey from a small-town upbringing to becoming a renowned chef and internet personality is a testament to his resilience and passion for cooking. His early exposure to the culinary world at his grandfather’s restaurant, coupled with his family’s support, laid the groundwork for his career. Despite personal struggles, including substance abuse, Matty has emerged as a celebrated figure in the culinary industry. His marriage to Trish Spencer, his high school sweetheart, adds a romantic dimension to his story. With a net worth of $2 million and a thriving online presence, Matty continues to make headlines with his culinary skills and engaging personality.


Who is Matty Matheson’s wife?

Matty Matheson’s wife is Trish Spencer. They were childhood friends and got married in August 2014.

When was Matty Matheson born?

Matty Matheson was born on February 7, 1986.

Where is Matty Matheson from?

Matty Matheson is from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

How many children does Matty Matheson have?

Matty Matheson has two children, Macarthur Matheson and Rizzo Louise Matheson.

What is Matty Matheson’s net worth?

Matty Matheson’s net worth is approximately $2 million.

What is Matty Matheson known for?

Matty Matheson is known for his culinary expertise, distinctive tattoos, and his television series “Viceland Dead Set on Life.”

What are Matty Matheson’s career highlights?

Matty Matheson’s career highlights include being the executive chef at Parts and Labour and winning an Emmy Award for Best Comedy.

What struggles has Matty Matheson faced?

Matty Matheson has openly discussed his battles with drug and alcohol addiction and his journey to recovery.

What entrepreneurial ventures is Matty Matheson involved in?

Matty Matheson is a co-owner of LoversLand, a bridal shop in Toronto.

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