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Chris Distefano Introduction

Renowned American stand-up comedian and podcast presenter Chris Distefano is well-known for his lighthearted and affable demeanor. Chris was nurtured in an environment rich in culture, with an Italian father, Anthony Distefano, and an Irish mother.He was born Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. His early parental divorce had a big impact on how he was raised. Even though not much is known about Chris’s family, he has made a great career out of humor and entertainment.

Chris’s comic timing and manner were evident in his appearances on the MTV comedy series “Guy Code vs. Girl Code,” which helped him become well-known. Parts in movies and TV series like “Ode to Joy” and “Benders” contributed to his prominence on television even more. In

Chris Distefano Wife

Jazzy Distefano, the spouse of Chris Distefano, is a well-known individual in her own right and is most recognized for her work as a Zumba fitness teacher.Following several failed romances, Chris eventually fell in love with Jazzy, and they were married in 2015.He has genuinely found support and positivity in Jazzy.

Jazzy, the daughter of Edwin and Liz Canuelas, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 17, 1984. She has two siblings. Jazzy has succeeded as a fitness teacher in spite of the unusual nature of her line of work; she specializes in assisting recent moms in overcoming postpartum depression. Her motivation for pursuing this vocation sprang from her personal experience with postpartum depression. Jazzy assists new moms in recovering their physical health by concentrating on Zumba, spin classes, and group fitness programs.

Who Is Chris Distefano?

On August 26, 1984, Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano—better known by his stage name, Chris Distefano—was born in Brooklyn, New York.Anthony Distefano, his father, is of Italian ancestry, while his mother is Irish. Chris was raised in a way that was significantly influenced by his parents’ early divorce.

Despite the dearth of public knowledge on his family, Chris has established himself as a well-known stand-up comedian in the United States.He first gained popularity on the comedy series “Guy Code vs.Girl Code,” where he started his career.Chris has also made appearances in films and television programs, including “Ode to Joy” and “Benders.”

Apart from his stand-up profession,Chris is a well-known podcast broadcaster, with shows like “Chrissy Chaos” and “Hey

Chris Distefano Biography

Chris Distefano, whose real name is Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 26, 1984. Chris was raised in a multicultural setting by his Irish mother and Italian father, Anthony Distefano. His parents’ early divorce had a profound impact on his upbringing and attitude on life.

Chris started doing stand-up in August 2009, which marked the beginning of his path into comedy. From 2010 to 2012, he hosted the Elite 8 of the March Madness Comedy Competitions at Caroline’s on Broadway. He also hosted “Fencing Masters” on the SNY network in his early career. His brilliance was immediately obvious as he won Caroline’s Breakout Artist Series and went on to the


Full NameAnthony Distefano
Current ResidenceTampa, Florida, United States

Chris Distefano Career

Chris Distefano started doing stand-up comedy in August of 2009.He hosted a number of shows in his early career, including as “Fencing Masters” on the SNY network in 2010 and the Elite 8 of the March Madness Comedy Competitions at Caroline’s on Broadway in 2011 and 2012.Chris’s skill was evident from the start, as he was featured as Caroline’s Breakout Artist Series’ headlining act and advanced to the finals of the 2011 New York Comedy Festival.Additionally, he has performed at the Laugh Lounge, Broadway Comedy Club, and Gotham Comedy Club.

Chris’s major break came when he was cast as a series regular in the second season of MTV’s “Guy Code” in 2012.The next year, he became more visible on MTV when he appeared in “Girl Code” and

Jazzy Distefano and Chris Distefano Got Married in 2015

Chris Distefano’s life story has been significantly impacted by the breakups he has experienced. Chris began a romantic relationship with Jazzy Distefano on February 13, 2015. They were married and had their first kid in the same year.

Chris dated Carly Aquilino for four years before to being married to Jazzy. But their relationship ended, and Chris quickly found comfort in jazz artist Jazzy. Chris and Jazzy had a brief romance, but they wasted no time in getting married. Jazzy helped Chris get past his prior relationship and concentrate on their future together during this time of transition by being a supporting presence

They Are Parents To Two Children

Jazzy and Chris Distefano’s adorable twins, Delilah and Violette Luna, are the pride of their parents, and they show their affection for them openly on social media.

That year, in May, their firstborn daughter, Delilah Distefano, was welcomed into the world, a happy occasion for the couple. In December 2015, Chris posted a touching picture of his wife and newborn daughter on Instagram, unable to hide his joy.With the message, “We are incredibly thankful to @jajajazzy for blessing us with Delilah,” he conveyed his appreciation and thanks. I will always be in awe of you both.”

On January 20, 2021, Jazzy also shared reflections about the highs and lows of parenthood on Instagram. She said that as

Overview of Jazzy and Chris Distefano’s Life as a Celebrity Couple

Jazzy Distefano is well known for her opulent tastes in fashion and lifestyle. Although her precise net worth is unknown, estimations place it around $100,000 or more.Her principal source of revenue comes from her work as a personal trainer and Zumba teacher. Zumba teachers in the US make, on average, $19 per hour and $40,332 a year. But Jazzy really shines, bringing in an astounding $82,875 a year because of her broad knowledge and exposure in the industry.

It’s amazing how quickly she became well-known when she married Chris. Jazzy’s social media following is progressively expanding as a result of her consistent posting of family-related images and videos, testimonial videos, and updates. Even though Chris is a well-known comedian with a substantial fan base,


Name: Jazzy Distefano

Occupation: Zumba fitness teacher and personal trainer

Marriage: Married Chris Distefano in 2015

Children: Parents to twins, Delilah and Violette Luna

Background: Daughter of Edwin and Liz Canuelas, born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 17, 1984

Career: Specializes in assisting new moms in overcoming postpartum depression through fitness programs

Net Worth: Estimated around $100,000, with an annual income of $82,875


Jazzy Distefano, a renowned Zumba fitness instructor and personal trainer, rose to fame not only for her professional endeavors but also as the wife of stand-up comedian Chris Distefano. Despite the limited public knowledge about her family background, Jazzy’s dedication to her career and her role as a supportive partner to Chris have garnered attention. Their relationship blossomed after several failed romances in Chris’s life, leading to their marriage in 2015. Together, they welcomed their first child, Delilah, and later their twins, Delilah and Violette Luna. Jazzy’s commitment to helping new moms overcome postpartum depression and her success in the fitness industry have contributed to her growing popularity.


What is Jazzy Distefano’s occupation?

Jazzy is a Zumba fitness teacher and personal trainer.

When did Jazzy and Chris Distefano get married?

Jazzy and Chris tied the knot in 2015.

How many children do Jazzy and Chris Distefano have?

They are parents to twins, Delilah and Violette Luna.

What is Jazzy Distefano’s net worth?

While her exact net worth is undisclosed, estimations suggest it’s around $100,000, with an annual income of $82,875.

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