Lost Ark Sets Sail in the Steam Summer Sale! 

Even if the summer sun is very hot, your activities in Arkesia do not need to slow down. The Lost Ark Steam Summer Sale takes place from June 27th until July 11th and offers great discounts on important in-game packs that will help you continue exploring this large and lively world.

However, to fully avail this sale it is better to get a little bit of gold in your account. Therefore, we suggest players visit our site and buy Lost Ark Gold, so you can enjoy the game without any delays.

Acceleration Pack: Your Summertime Power Boost

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a new arrival in Arkesia, the Lost Ark Acceleration Pack provides a valuable summer upgrade. This discounted pack includes a treasure trove of resources to propel your character’s growth and progression:

  • Pheons x60: These coveted resources are crucial for acquiring high-quality gear through player auctions.
  • Character Customization Ticket x1: Feeling a style change? Revamp your character’s look with this ticket.
  • Crystals x1,000: Crystals serve as the universal currency for purchasing various items in the in-game store.
  • Selection Pouches and Chests: Gain access to a wealth of materials for honing your equipment, including Guardian Stones, Destruction Stones, Leapstones, Fusion Materials, and Honing Shards.
  • Ancient Platinum Coin x120: This valuable currency unlocks exclusive items and rewards.

With the Acceleration Pack’s 34% discount during the Steam Summer Sale, it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on these essential resources and accelerate your character’s development.

Do you want to learn more about Lost Ark so you can dominate the battlefield? We suggest checking out our blogs and learning more about the Lost Ark Tier List.

Lost Ark Starter Packs: Discounted Embarkation Points

The Lost Ark Steam Summer Sale extends its fiery embrace to all three Lost Ark Starter Packs – Essential, Premium, and Ultimate. Each pack offers a curated selection of items specifically designed to jumpstart your Arkesian adventure. Whether you’re seeking foundational necessities or a head start with valuable resources, there’s a Lost Ark Starter Pack to suit your needs. And during the sale, all three packs are a whopping 50% off!

The following is everything you need to know about the three Lost Ark Starter Packs:

  • Essential Starter Pack: This foundational pack provides the essentials to kick off your journey. It includes helpful items like in-game currency to acquire basic gear and consumables, alongside helpful potions and buffs to aid you in your early battles.
  • Premium Starter Pack: Stepping up a notch, the Premium Starter Pack offers a more substantial boost. It includes everything in the Essential Pack, plus additional resources for honing your equipment and valuable Aura benefits that grant experience and other bonuses.
  • Ultimate Starter Pack: The Ultimate Starter Pack contains all the goodies from the previous packs, along with exclusive cosmetic items to personalize your character, a special mount to traverse Arkesia in style, and even more resources to accelerate your character’s growth.

Head to the Lost Ark Shop Page!

Look at the official Lost Ark Shop Page to see each Starter Pack’s contents in detail and select the right pack for your Arkesian journey. Do not lose this hot chance to strengthen your character with Steam Summer Sale’s burning price cuts! Get ready, explorers. It is time to face and triumph over all the difficulties and marvels that are waiting within Lost Ark!

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